Part I: Bad Idea

by The Mouths

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released April 13, 2014

All songs recorded at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, Canada
Engineered and mixed by Curtis Buckoll
Additional engineering by Mark McKitrick
Mastered by Stuart McKillop

Artwork by Lili Watson
"M" Logo designed by Kevin Hsui
Special thanks to Curtis Buckoll and UBC’s Blank Vinyl Project

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The Mouths Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Bad Idea
Something, anything, everything you’ve got
Not my problem if you’re happy or not
Seems to me that nobody was asking at all
Talk to yourself cause it’s been a close call

Hope you don’t mind when I’m lost like this
I don’t need a reason, just a way to exist
Can’t see anything, anything at all
But I’m feeling so great, give me some more

There goes my
Bad idea
Can’t say I
Didn’t ever try

Not right now I’m feeling so low
Just speed up you’re talking too slow
Giving me broken you on my mind
What you want is far behind
Track Name: That Was Entirely Your Fault
I am tired so take me away from this place
So many assholes
So little space
I think it's time to ruin everything you make
Just for the sake of ruining what I take

That was entirely your fault
Don't you want to talk about it?
I don't want to talk about it, no
That definitely was all your fault
You don't want to talk about it
I don't want to talk about it, no

Stop saying that you feel okay today
It's not exactly secret
When you treat me like you've been betrayed
You don't seem to be in line with what I say
I guess I'll just write you
On the list of people that I hate

Please don't get too mad at me
Just because you take yourself too seriously
And I know I'm going to make another big mistake
Track Name: Tumbleweed
Track Name: In Love With A Lesbian
Coming up to meet you
Girl I love your features
Never wanna know
Too bad you’re an asshole

Never wanna see you
Never want to need you
Never want to know
Love’s deaf dumb and blind

I’m out of space, I’m out of time
I won’t have anybody hearing my lie
I can’t have anyone, I won’t have you
I won’t have anybody
Tell me it’s true

I’m in love with a lesbian
Won’t ever win
It’s true
Don’t you know that I want to go
I wanna go
With you

You get what you want
But it ain’t what you thought
Who would have known
You lost it right at the start

Darling you’re cute
But I hate to assume
Don’t let me know unless it’s too soon

You’re out of sight
I’ve lost my mind
Why won’t you even come and tell me goodbye

I won’t be anything
I can’t stop now
I wanted everything that time won’t allow

Comin’ up to meet you
Girl I love your features
Never want to know
Too bad

Never wanna see you
Never want to meet you
Never want to know
Loves deaf dumb and blind, no chance this time

All this time I’ve wanted you
It’s taken me so long
Nothing ever seems to do
It hasn’t all along
Are you the only one?

I’m in love with a lesbian
Won’t ever win
It’s true
Hopelessly and entirely
Won’t ever be
With you